Who is this for?

Our services are extremely varied and support children, families, young people, adults and older people. They are developed where a gap in existing services has been identified and help Sussex people live healthy and fulfilling lives.

What to expect

Our aim is to provide high quality, flexible and personal support services for local people where and when they need it most. Our services aim to give individuals and communities the support they need to improve their quality of life and feel a part of a wider community.

How we can support and advise you

Impact Initiatives provides:

  1. Impact Advocacy, advocacy@impact-initiatives.org.uk
  2. Workability West Sussex, workability@impact-initiatives.org.uk

How to refer:

You can refer to Impact Initiatives by calling

01903 730 044 or emailing advocacy@impact-initiatives.org.uk, workability@impact-initiatives.org.uk