Mental Health Support
23 Jun 2020
piece of paper with #bekind written on it

Every year the Mental Health Foundation hosts Mental Health Awareness Week. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Foundation decided to make kindness the theme for activities in 2020. Here, Pathfinder alliance member Mind in Brighton and Hove share their experience:

"Engaging in and experiencing acts of kindness can have real benefits for our mental health and wellbeing.Doing good, does you good”. Studies have found that being kind is linked to increased feelings of happiness, wellbeing, and life satisfaction for people of all ages. This seems to be the case regardless of whether the recipient of our kindness is someone close to us, ourselves or society more broadly. There is even some evidence to suggest that simply remembering kind things we have done in the past may increase our wellbeing.

One of the ways we marked Mental Health Awareness week at Mind in Brighton and Hove this year was to set up the hashtags #KindnessMattersBrightonHove and #KindnessMattersHastings on Twitter and ask people to share how they had experienced kindness. We were delighted to see so many uplifting examples, including those shared from our colleagues at Friends Families and Travellers, Grassroots, Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, Brighton Bricks and Switchboard to name a few."

If you would like to read some of the tweets and messages Mind in Brighton and Hove received, you can download their Wellbeing Information and Tips sheet below.