Self Management Tools

Self management tools can help you to work out a self management plan for yourself. They can enable you to:

  • Identify what helps you to stay well
  • Work out how to manage the ups and downs of life
  • Plan what  to do if problems occur
  • Share how you want a crisis to be managed
  • Identify what helps you to get life back in balance after a crisis

Once you have developed a plan this can help you to be more assertive in asking mental health services for the support you feel you need to be more in control of your mental health problems and in control of life. The key aspect of self management tools is that they are owned by you and shared with who you wish.

There are many self management tools available. You can find four below:

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan
  • ImROC , A personal health and wellbeing plan for family, friends and carers
  • Feeling Stressed Keeping Well, A Preventative Approach Towards Harmful Levels of Stress at Work
  • The Whole Life Recovery Plan