Mental Health Support
08 Sep 2021

Aspire Sussex has released an update on the adult education college courses it currently has on offer. As well as core topics like English and maths the charity is also offering the chance to study subjects such as food and drink, health and fitness, and arts and crafts. Many of the courses are free, or have big concessions for those on a low income. Other courses will be added as the year progresses.

Arts & Crafts

Concessions available


All the current computer courses are offered at £15 per course

Distance learning courses 

These courses are offered free


Up to 100% concessions are available on some courses

Family Learning

Currently a free 12-hour online course

Food & Drink

Concessions available

Health & Fitness

Concessions available

Language and Communication


Concessions available

Skills for Work

Costs vary from being free; concessions being available and £15