Mental Health Support
16 Mar 2021

Radio and TV presenter Roman Kemp has made a documentary, Silent Emergency, about male mental health, which is available now on BBC iplayer.

He had been thinking of making a documentary for around six years, before the death of his close friend and producer Joe Lyons, who was 31, in August 2020. The film follows Roman's travels around the country as he talks to a wide range of people about why young men are particularly at risk of taking their own lives, and what can be done to help.

"The stats are completely out of control," he says in the accompanying interview on the BBC website. "It's something I've been very much so personally affected by, and I believe the time has gone now where you can shy away from it. Now that stigma has to go."

He also talks about his own mental health, and how he was advised not to talk about it publicly for the sake of his career. 

The documentary is available to watch here: BBC iPlayer - Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency

You can read the full interview with Roman Kemp on the BBC website here.