Mental Health Support
18 May 2021

People with English as their first language can often take colloquial phrases such as ‘have a lot of plates spinning’ or ‘botch job’ for granted, as they are so engrained in conversation.

However, for someone who is looking to improve their English, they can help increase understanding of the language and they way it is used. Knowing these common phrases could make socialising and communicating a lot easier, even decreasing feelings of isolation and cultural difference in conversational settings.

BBC’s ‘Learning English’ offers English learners the chance to hear/have insight into more common and colloquial phrases used in the United Kingdom and beyond.   

Presented by Jiaying and Rob, each episode is available as an audio-bite or a transcript version for both forms of learning and accessibility. The episodes give examples of the phrases used in the context of a conversation, along with an explanation and examples of how to use it.