Mental Health Support
13 Apr 2021

Looking after your physical health can have great benefits for your mental health. Not only does it provide a sense of purpose and a goal, it can provide a routine and a rewarding outcome - feeling healthier.

“I feel the most benefit to my mental health when my heart rate is raised during exercise. I tend to feel the benefits most after I've been walking for about half an hour or when I've been running or dancing (I love a solo kitchen disco!) Running by the sea is best, it helps me to be mindful whilst being active!” Tara

Both national Mind and the Mental Health Foundation have published reports into how physical exercise can have a positive impact on mental health. The benefits can include:

  • sleep improvement
  • a natural energy boost  
  • improves self esteem  
  • improves mood  
  • provides a focus in life  
  • a sense of achievement  
  • reduces anger or frustration  
  • improves motivation  
  • improves social skills  
  • promotes a healthy appetite  
  • reduces tension, stress and mental fatigue 

To read either or both of these reports in full you can download below.

In the meantime, we've found a number of free online exercise classes. Whether you're embarking on exercise as a beginner, or are looking for a new addition to your exercise regime, there will hopefully be something for you here: 


Body Project - (a fun, low impact workout for total beginners) 

yes2next - (10-minute indoor walking workout for seniors/beginners)

Ballet Based Movement - (beginners/seniors ballet exercises)

Yoga Journal - (30-minute beginners yoga sequence)


Move with Nicole - - (20-minute intermediate pilates)   

Body Project - (intermediate low impact cardio HIIT workout)

Popsugar Fitness - (30-minute low impact dance grooves workout)

The Body Coach TV - - 20-minute full body workout


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