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18 May 2021

People in Sussex have a largely positive view about getting their Covid-19 vaccination, according to a recent survey. Over 93% of those surveyed would encourage their family and friends to have the vaccination when it is offered.

Healthwatch in Sussex (Healthwatch Brighton and Hove, Healthwatch East Sussex and Healthwatch West Sussex) ran the survey exploring the community's experiences and views about the vaccine. Of the 5955 people asked, just under 84% had had at least one vaccine, while 16.3% had not.

The survey makes interesting reading about the various experiences and views of the vaccination process, from thoughts about how appointment are made, to why people are deciding why/why not to have the jabs.

Those are opting for vaccination are mainly doing so to protect their family and friends, as well as themselves. And of those who are yet to be vaccinated, 70.8% said they will definitely take up the offer, with a further 9% undecided but likely to accept.

People wishing not to be vaccinated have said they are concerned about safety and maintaining their right to choose, as well as the possible implications for their long-term health.


You can download the survey results by clicking the download button below.

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