Mental Health Support
24 Mar 2021

“I could write all day about how much music has helped my mental health. It isn’t just listening to music which in some sense saved/saves me. Playing music has also helped me in more ways than anyone can ever imagine.”

Following a request from people coming to the Pathfinder Littlehampton service, a bid was submitted to Littlehampton Town Council -and last month the service was delighted to take receipt of some new instruments. Manager Maxine Thomas said she's looking forward to hearing them being used once restrictions allow.

Playing music can be positive for our mental wellbeing. An article from the national mental health charity Mind highlights the impact of music on the mental health of Laura. She shares how she uses music as escapism and how it has helped aid her mental health journey. 

Laura lists important songs she has learnt to play/listened to over the years, including “Blowing in the Wind” by Bob Dylan and “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles. She describes how music is a kind of therapy, and how playing music can act as a release.

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